Yes! Paint with Janet

Janet is a professional visual artist, who has been working in her chosen field of Mental Health & Wellness for 30+ years. Her goal is to empower individuals and communities through creativity by exposure to and engagement in the arts. This goal has never been more important than now, during Global Pandemic 2020 with her art now virtually reaching the world, combating anxiety and isolation. Paint with Janet is now in its eighth year; stay tuned for more PWJ Army Adventures.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Janet has been offering her classes via Facebook live for FREE. Her community is so appreciative of her gifted time and expertise that they got together to raise some money for Janet. Level 1 Custom Gear is proud to be teaming up with Janet for her next round of Paint With Janet gear! Janet will receive a portion of all sales directly. 

A word on shipping...
  • Shipping within Canada will be calculated at the time of purchase.
  • Free pick up available in Carleton Place, Ontario. 
  • Contact Shannon at for all international orders

Please note: if you chose 1 to 3 day delivery it means 1 to 3 days after production not after you order. Expected delivery will be two weeks after the deadline.

If you have any questions feel free to email me Shannon

  DEADLINE IS February 8th, 2023


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